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Park County is Real Colorado

Think great skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, riding, fishing, birding, mountain climbing, rafting ...and then ask yourself where you can find of a quiet, beautiful place where you can live and do all that without taking a long car or plane ride. The answer is Park County, Colorado. And only about 17,000 other people already know its secret, and have made Park County, Colorado their home.

Park County may be sparse on people, but it has abundant wildlife, streams and forests over its 2,200 square miles which includes several 14,000-foot peaks and acres of public lands.

For many people shopping for real estate in Breckenridge or the other nearby ski resorts, Park County is an affordable alternative, as well as a more rural Colorado experience. Just visit Fairplay Burro Days in the summer and you'll understand, or drop into Alma's Only (was the only bar in town) or the Park Bar and Grill in Fairplay.

Map of Park County:

Park County Map


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